"J1 Web" Time Sheet
Once you have turned in all of your hiring paperwork, you will receive an email on how to register for the online J1 Web time system. Willful falsification of entries on time sheets constitutes grounds for immediate dismissal from the job and referral to the Office of Student Affairs. 

Direct Deposit

All student employees are required to enroll in a direct deposit program for their paychecks. Under the direct deposit program, the employee's pay is electronically deposited into the bank account(s) they designate. Student employees who are having difficulty securing a traditional bank account should contact the Payroll Office at 574-372-5100 x6082.

The Payroll Office is the central check distribution point for all Grace College campus student employees who may receive a paper check prior to the set-up of their direct deposit account. The Payroll Office is located in Indiana Hall, 2nd floor.  


Pay Rates - Undergraduate Student Assistants

The starting rate for undergraduate student employees is $7.25 per hour.

The Food Services rate is $8.00 per hour.

Pay Rates - Graduate Student Assistants

The starting rate for graduate student employees is $8.00 per hour.

Pay Rates - Summer

The starting rate for summer pay is $9.50 per hour.