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Kurzweil 3000® is widely recognized as a comprehensive and integrated solution for addressing language and literacy difficulties. The software uses a multisensory approach - presenting printed or electronic text on the computer screen with added visual and audible accessibility. Interested students may contact our disabilities coordinator at 6423 for more information.

PRAXIS PPST  Pre-Professional Skills Tests   
ABOUT THE BOOK and Testware®
Whether you are taking the Praxis test for the first time or retaking the exam,  this book, together with the exclusive REA TESTware® software, will help you pass.

While working through this book and the CD-ROM, you will acquire a thorough and accurate understanding of what it takes to master the PPST. The comprehensive review material in this book covers all subject areas known to appear on the PPST, providing you with all the information you need to take this challenging certification exam.

Test-takers should note that every time the PPST is administered, multiple versions of the exam are created and distributed to each testing center. These versions may contain a mix of different questions with different answers. This test versioning can add a greater level of uncertainty for the test-taker. Are you sure you are studying every topic enough? Are you adequately prepared for every test subject you may encounter on the PPST? You can rest assured. One important purpose of this book is to prepare you for every possible version of the PPST. We at REA believe you cannot prepare enough for this career-building exam."

Apart from the book itself, are two full-length simulated PPST tests on CD-ROM. It strongly recommend that you begin your preparation with the TESTware® practice exams. The software provides the added benefits of automatic scoring and enforced time conditions.
Note: You are encouraged to borrow the study book and CD. There is a $5.00 user fee for this software and study book.

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