Refund Policy & Schedule

Refunds for students withdrawing from the Institute for Global Studies Go Encounter (CCFE) will be based on the official date of action that is recorded by the Institute for Global Studies. Any non-recoverable payments made by Grace College on behalf of the participant before notice date will not be refunded. Most flights are reserved well in advance and are usually non-refundable. Students should expect to cover at least their flight costs, even if withdrawing 5+ months before the trip.
A participant who is withdrawing from a Go Encounter Trip must contact the Institute for Global Studies to complete the appropriate forms. DO NOT ASSUME that another office at Grace will notify our office of your withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to submit the required paper work in order to receive an accurate refund based on the schedule below.
Note: A $250.00 Non-refundable & Non-transferrable deposit will be made within 2 business days after receiving the reservation email from