Frequently Asked Questions

1. When and where can I get information about upcoming Go Encounter trips?

Go Encounter trips are announced at Global Chapel at the beginning of each Academic Year. After that, a list of the destinations, cost, and trip descriptions are available to all students here, on the Portal, and in the Institute for Global Studies. You can also email for more information.

2. Do I need a passport to sign up for a Go Encounter trip?

No, you do not need a passport to sign up for a Go Encounter trip. However, we strongly encourage you to apply for one as soon as possible, even before applying for a trip. Passport processing times vary and can be up to 18 weeks - so please plan ahead! A passport is normally valid for 10 years. A copy of your passport must be turned into the Institute for Global Studies by September 30th for December trips or December 5th for Spring Break and Summer trips. If we do not have a copy of your passport you will not be allowed to go on the trip. You do not need a passport if you are traveling within the United States; however, you will be required to turn in a copy of your government-issued ID, such as a driver's license.

3. How much do Go Encounter trips cost?

Go Encounter trips come in a wide range of prices. You can find exact prices on the Go Encounter website here. The cheapest trips are around $1200; the most expensive trips can cost as much as $6000. The total prices of the trips, especially international trips will not be known until after the deadline to register has passed. This is to give the trip leaders and the Institute for Global Studies time to purchase tickets. If travel costs are not included in the estimated price, plan on airfare costing between $1500 and $2000. Contact your team leader to keep up to date on the total costs of the trip.

4. Is there a waiting list for Go Encounter trips?

The Institute for Global Studies generally does not keep a waiting list, but exceptions may be made for certain trips.

5. Where do I deposit my $250 to reserve my spot on a trip?

After completing an application, your application will be processed. If a spot is open for you on the trip, you will receive an email from the Institute for Global Studies ( with directions on how to make your deposit. You must make your NON-REFUNDABLE & NON-TRANSFERRABLE $250 DEPOSIT in the Student Services Hub on the second floor of Indiana Hall within two business days. The Student Services Hub will then notify the Institute for Global Studies to confirm your spot.

6. Can I switch trips once I have deposited?

Our policy does not allow you to switch trips once you have deposited. We suggest reading the trip descriptions to know what the trip entails and contacting the trip leaders for more information. If there are extraordinary circumstances, please contact the Institute for Global Studies (

7. How do I withdraw from a trip?

In order to withdraw from a trip you must email or stop by the Institute for Global Studies to receive a withdrawal form. After filling out the required information, you must have the form signed by the Program Coordinator of the Institute for Global Studies. It is important to note that students are responsible for any payments made towards their trip in accordance with the refund schedule. The $250 deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE.

8. How do I pay for my trip?

Go Encounter charges are posted to your student account at the beginning of the semester when your trip will take place. You may pay your bill any way you normally do! Financial aid, scholarships, and loans may apply. You must be able to pay your bill in full OR set up a payment plan to pay your bill at the beginning of the semester in which your trip will take place. You may speak with financial aid ahead of time for any additional need. If a trip ends up costing more than the original posted charge, students will be charged the remainder at a later date. If a trip ends up costing less than the original posted charge, students will be refunded at a later date.

9. How can people make donations towards my trip?

In your acceptance email, you will receive information, including a donation form, to send out to family and friends to help raise money for your trip. Donors can make non-tax-deductible contributions directly to you or to your student account. Donors can make tax-deductible contributions by sending cash or checks with the donation form to the Advancement Office. Your name (the student's) cannot be anywhere on the check to be tax-deductible. Online gifts can be made at by selecting Go Encounter trips under Designation and writing your name and trip destination in the Comments. All donations should be received no later than your trip departure. Please make sure to indicate this to all potential donors! In the event that your raise more funds than are needed for your trip, tax-deductible gifts cannot be refunded and will be placed in the GO Encounter fund to support the program.

10. Why do some trips require COVID vaccination and some not?

Requiring COVID vaccination for 2022-2023 Go Encounter trips is dependent on two main factors: 1) whether or not the intended destination currently required COVID vaccination for entry, and 2) trip leader's determination based on ease of travel within the country, partner organization requirements, and safety.

11. I am interested in assisting to lead a trip. What are the responsibilities of being a student leader?

Go Encounter student leaders must be approved by the trip leaders. Student leaders will receive a discount off the total cost of the trip. Student leader responsibilities encompass tasks before, during and after the Go Encounter trip. Prior to the trip, the student leader may assist the Trip Leader in recruitment, team meetings, and facilitating communication between students and the Institute for Global Studies in regards to forms and finances. During the trip, responsibilities may include taking photos and videos and assisting with debriefings and devotionals. After the trip, the student leader must provide a written report of the trip with photos & videos, and assist in final meetings and expense reports. If a student leader does not complete all tasks, the student leader discount may be removed.